Advisory: Changes to Daylight Saving Time in Morocco and Pakistan on June 1, 2008
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First published on TECHNET on May 26, 2008

Daylight Saving Time changes in Morocco and Pakistan (revised May 23, 2008)

Microsoft has learned of a change to the observance of Daylight Saving Time (DST, aka regionally as Summer Time) in Morocco and Pakistan that could impact customers using local time zones.  We have news that Morocco will switch from GMT to GMT+1:00 beginning on June 1, 2008, and that the Pakistan Government will change from GMT +5:00 to GMT +6:00 June 1, 2008, at 12 midnight (local time).  These changes may impact customers and partners in the regions who use local time zones, including entities engaged in business in or with the region.

Unfortunately, due to the short notice provided for these late breaking changes, we do not expect that product groups will provide updates incorporating these changes.  The Windows organization plans to include these updates in the next release of the 2008 Cumulative Time Zone Update for Windows, scheduled to release in July/August 2008.

For manual remediation of the Microsoft Windows XP operating systems in mainstream support, Microsoft will provide an updating to the following DST and time zone manual update article with the changes for Morocco and Pakistan:

How to configure daylight saving time for Microsoft Windows operating systems

We will publish additional information and links here as available.  For general information, please visit .

We've also updated the information in the KB to indicate that Iraq no longer observes DST.

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