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We have just published a report on SharePoint Intranets based on analysing how a group of nearly 100,000 employees from different organizations are consuming content on the intranet.


One of the things we wanted to look at was the when is the best time to post a news item. The results was relatively clear. We found the most popular times for reading the intranet is 7am-9am or 11am-1pm on a weekday, with Thursday being the best day. However, news is being consumed any time during normal working hours of 8am–6pm. 


We also looked at the link between content quality and consumption, how much the intranet is accessed via mobile devices (hint = not a  lot) and many other areas.


We asked 8 industry experts we consider thought-leaders about their perspectives on the findings. We also wanted to know if the finding resonates with their own lived experiences and they largely did. I'd like to say a big thank you for your contributions to:


Chris Harrer from Comcast
James Robertson and Rebecca Rodgers from Step Two
Jamie Stokes from Cox Enterprises
Jonas Bladt Hansen from Next Level IC
Sharon O'Dea and Jonathan Phillips from Lithos Partners
Susan Hanley
Suzie Robinson from ClearBox Consulting Ltd


If you don't already follow these amazing people, then I'd warmly recommend that. 


Finally - we're already planning for an update to the report in May 2024 and if you can recommend people that really inspire you then we'll see if we can get their perspectives added.

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@Cai Kjaer This is really great stuff and awesome for this community to know about.  I'm wondering if you would like to lead a broader discussion around this sometime, present how you went about finding the focus group for this effort and showing a bit more of the research as well as of course answering questions from the community.  Awesome work and thank you for the effort.  


Hi Liz - I'd love that. Just let me know how I can help.
I enjoyed reading the report, and am really glad SWOOP is raising the profile of analytics in SharePoint.

Having spent hundreds of hours poring over intranet usage data (just the result of running intranets for years), it was reassuring to find nothing terribly surprising.

It felt, however, that with the discussion about the best time to publish news, that news was being reduced to just another form of interaction. Am I just an unreformed journalist and over-optimistic about what strong news can achieve in a business?