how can ai help my business?

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looking for project/business management AI Solutions and AI Document creation to free up office time from needing to manually retype info received on documents to the correct spreadsheet. Automation tips are helpful as well


Questions include:

what types of documents can i create and what are the search terms?


i am looking for ways to use AI, IDP, NLD, ML to scan invoices and have it extract data to excel spreadsheets for our vehicles to track parts purchased and other inventory purchases.


document creation for; SOP, Quotes, JSA, end of job summary reports with video integrations with spreadsheets or linking, spreadsheet creation from documents, Inventory, Assets, "how To's", HR, etc (we are a small business but have excessive reporting)


also looking for an AI solution for phone calls to record calls, keep records, dictation, text and email saving, and auto contact creation for the team with tagging for types of business or types of service (ex: heavy vehicles, PPE Supplies, Customer, HR, Tech) 


what are my solutions? best ways to go about simplifying for a small business with the easiest simplest set up possible? 

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Hi @Amber1023, based on what you're looking to do, I recommend exploring Copilot for Microsoft 365:



Worth to take a look at this for some use cases:



thankyou i found some helpful stuff