Win PE not working after an ADK update

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Yesterday I applied the latest ADK and all seemed to go OK but now I cant use WinPE to image any devices.

The devices will boot into Win PE but will not get as far as the next step where we choose which task sequence to run. The device will just reboot. I have tried different models, all fail.

I have rebooted the server (several times)

I have re-installed the ADK and the WIN PE add-on and re-distributed to the DP.

Every time I update the DP (we only have one) I get this error below.

Note the second image.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

We are gradually moving away from MECM imaging but still need it pretty much daily.




Thank you



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The update of the boot image could be due to incompatible drivers added in the image. I would normally remove the ones that are not needed or throw an error during injection. As for the booting issue in WinPE, it is almost always related to missing relevant WinPE driver for networks and\or storage.

@rahuljindal-MVP thank you , every time I update it fails on a different driver so  guess I need to keep trying!

Verify the source path and files of the drivers that are not functioning properly.
Is it possible that the driver has been either deleted or overwritten in its source location?

I suggest eliminating drivers that are not designated for use in WinPE. The key is to include only those drivers that are necessary for your WinPE session to function as intended. Overloading WinPE with unnecessary drivers can lead to increased boot times and potential conflicts.

I'm assuming Alexander was correct, and you resolved the issue by clearing out your drivers and starting over. He also has good advice about limiting your drivers in WinPE. I'm unsure why you'd be loading WiFi drivers into WinPE.

I'd recommend only loading the minimum required drivers to support your models. Typically hardware OEMs provide a WinPE driver pack, which I've found typically covers everything needed.