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Hello to all;
I have been trying to figure out the cause to my problem for a couple of days now but I cannot seem to find what the issue is.
So I am trying to push the Office 365 current channel update to our users (this works through an adr and previous updates where working as expected);
however since this particular update (current channel update 2302 16130.20218) a number of workstations are reporting error 0X87D00668 and some are also reporting BITS errors:



I am not sure if these errors might be related; and why is this happening? The update does not seem to get transfered to the client workstation; I can confirm that other updates are working fine (windows defender definition updates are being installed and windows 10 /11 updates)

I have checked wuahandler logs and could not find any errors, the same with cas logs.
I have also deleted the adr (including the downloaded office updates) and created the adr from scratch just to make sure I am getting a fresh start but the errors still crop up.
I am at quite a loss at what else I can troubleshoot to get this update to actually install properly.
Can anyone help me out please?
Thanks in advance.
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Haven’t seen any reports for this update as yet, but issues involving Microsoft 365 updates is not unheard of. Have you tried letting update install directly using Microsoft CDN instead of the DP?
I tried the direct update on one of the workstations and it did update to version 2302 just fine. To be honest previous office updates where installing just fine using configuration manager; I am having issues with this particular update.
Then the issue could be with the content downloading in the Configuration Manager as part of the wsus sync. Have you tried deleting the downloaded content of the update and re-downloading it in Configuration Manager?
Yes in fact that is one of the first things i did; i deleted the adr and deleted the downloaded updates so that the rule will download the updates from scratch .

@edd1180Hello, did you solve this problem?

Hi there, no not really. I ended up creating a gpo which would set the channel to current and grab such updates through Microsoft directly. It seems to have worked this way.
oh great, i will try this one, thanks.