How to deploy MECM in local server (on-premises)?

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Dear experts,


We are exploring to use MECM and intune for our organization. We just bought a few M365 A3 subscription to start with. I'm very new to this area and just writing to seek some assistance about where to start? I'm the global admin for our tenant (we also had some O365 A3 subscription used in past years).


I just downloaded the evaluation version of CM setup file from MS page. I learned that I need to ask MS to provide the license key for activation which I will do it shortly. is it the correct procedure and how to proceed? I'm also having a Windows server 2019 ready in our environment now.


Any advice would be really appreciated.

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That's quite a broad question. There are many blog posts out there on how to get going. Here's one I did for one of the early CM Current Branch releases. It's still relevant but I recommend taking a look around as well.