CMG Connection Point - Disconnected

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Hi guys,


Hope you can assist, I have deployed a CMG using a public cert from DigiCert, all is well, however, the primary site server will not connect via the CMG connection point, it just shows disconnected, I have rebuilt the CMG twice, rebooted the primary site server.

Disconnected StateDisconnected State

I am able to test-netconnection to the CMG via port 443, so that appears fine and resolves DNS to the <cmgname> address, I have added an internal and external CNAME for this.


Enhanced HTTP is enabled and site is running 2207.


There's not much in the SMS_Cloud_PROXYConnector.log (I have redacted server names for the purpose of this post), any ideas?


Picture of the logs:


I can't see any obvious errors.

Any ideas?


UPDATE - Any ideas chaps? I have tried to install the CMG connection point onto a different server and it still shows as disconnected.


Nothing obvious in the SMS_Cloud_ProxyConnector.log.

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