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CM 2103 console extensons development

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We develop some console extensions in ConfigurationManager. From 2103, all the console extensions are centralized but we can not see our extensions in SCCM 2103 at 

Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing > Console Extensions
1. Are there any specific configuration extensions developers shall do while developing plugins? If there is any relevant document please share it.
2. How do we get install notifications for console extensions like web2view?
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@Garth Jones - Thanks for your reply.
The problem is on this page MS tells how to enable notifications or approve an extension but they are not talking about how to bring old console extensions to this window of "Console Extension node". Until we have the extension in this window we cannot perform any of these operations.

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My understanding is all extensions will now come via community hub. As such you approve once they are their. for more details, you will need to open a support case with the product team.
Thanks, Garth, MS has recently updated SDK with a community hub page. Will check this out.