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Onboard clients to Microsoft Defender ATP using MEMAC and ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2003
Published Mar 31 2020 12:42 PM 7,834 Views

Update 2003 for the Technical Preview Branch of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager has been released. In this release you can now onboard Configuration Manager clients to Microsoft Defender ATP via the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.


This feature allows administrators to deploy Microsoft Defender ATP Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) onboarding policies to Configuration Manager managed clients. These clients do not require Azure AD or MDM enrollment, and the policy is targeted at Configuration Manager collections rather than Azure AD Groups.


0330-132847- msedge_Qqe6kMMOmD.png


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This allows customers to manage both Intune MDM and Configuration Manager client EDR/ATP onboarding from a single management experience - being the Microsoft Endpoint Manager console.

Learn more about onboarding Configuration Manager clients to Microsoft Defender ATP.


This preview release also includes:


Track configuration item remediations - You can now Track remediation history when supported on your configuration item compliance rules. When this option is enabled, any remediation that occurs on the client for the configuration item generates a state message. The history is stored in the Configuration Manager database.


Show boundary groups for devices - To help you better troubleshoot device behaviors with boundary groups, you can now view the boundary groups for specific devices. In the Devices node or when you show the members of a Device Collection, add the new Boundary Group(s) column to the list view.


New feedback wizard - The Configuration Manager console now has a new wizard for sending feedback. The redesigned wizard improves the workflow with better guidance about how to submit good feedback.


Improvements to Microsoft Edge Management dashboard - The Microsoft Edge Management dashboard has a new Preferred browser by device chart. The chart gives you insights into which browser was most used by each device over the last seven days.


Improvements to CMPivot - Configuration Manager has had the ability to run CMPivot feature from a device collection and do real-time querying on devices. We've now added the ability to run CMPivot from an individual device. This change makes it easier for people such as help desk technicians to create CMPivot queries for an individual device.


Query for feedback sent to Microsoft - Configuration Manager technical preview branch version 2001.2 included a new status message, which has details about feedback sent from the site. To help you more easily find those status messages, this release includes a query, Feedback sent to Microsoft.


New SDK method for task sequence progress - Some customers build custom task sequence interfaces using the IProgressUI::ShowMessage method, but it doesn't return a value for the user's response. Based on your UserVoice feedback, this release adds the IProgressUI::ShowMessageEx method. This new method is similar to the existing method, but also includes a new integer result variable, pResult.


Improvements to OS deployment - This release includes the following improvements to OS deployment:

  • The Check Readiness step now includes a check to determine if the device uses UEFI, Computer is in UEFI mode.

It also includes a new task sequence variable, _TS_CRUEFI. This read-only variable supports the following values:



  • If you enable the task sequence progress window to show more detailed progress information, it now doesn't count enabled steps in a disabled group. This change helps make the progress estimate more precise.


Update 2003 for Technical Preview Branch is available in the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Technical Preview console. For new installations, the 1911 baseline version of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch is available on the Microsoft Evaluation Center. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features in a test environment before they are made generally available.


We would love to hear your thoughts about the latest Technical Preview! Send us Feedback directly from the console. You may also use our feedback channels through the Feedback Hub app for product issues, and our UserVoice page for ideas about new features.



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