Download location change for Microsoft 365 Apps readiness file
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We’re changing the location of the readiness file that is downloaded by the Microsoft 365 Apps Upgrade Readiness dashboard in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (version 1906 or later). This dashboard helps you determine which devices are ready to update to Microsoft 365 Apps. 


Note: If you don’t use the Microsoft 365 Apps Upgrade Readiness dashboard, you can ignore this information. 


Old location:

New location:


When will this happen?

The new location for the readiness file will take effect on March 2nd 2021 After that date, the old location will no longer be used. 


How this will affect your organization

Your top-level site server for Configuration Manager needs to be able to access the new location of the readiness file to be able to download the file. 


If your top-level site server can’t access the new location, the Microsoft 365 Apps Upgrade Readiness dashboard won’t have access to the most up-to-date readiness data. If a version of the readiness file was downloaded previously from the old location, the dashboard will keep working but will be using readiness data that is out-of-date.


What you need to do to prepare 

You need to make sure that your top-level site server can access the new location of the readiness file. If your organization restricts network communication with the internet using a firewall or proxy device, make sure to allow this endpoint:

  • to support the evaluation of Office add-in readiness.

For more information about the endpoints used by Configuration Manager when managing Microsoft 365 Apps, see Manage Microsoft 365 Apps.


For more information about the Microsoft 365 Apps Upgrade Readiness Dashboard, see Office 365 Client Management dashboard

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