Microsoft Canada Impact Awards 2023 Winners and Finalists!




Congratulations to the 2023 Microsoft Canada Impact Awards Winners and Finalists


Microsoft Canada is excited to announce our Impact Awards Winners and Finalists. These awards showcase the incredible achievements of our partners over the past year.  

Congratulations to this year’s winners and finalists in 25 winning categories, who have demonstrated excellence in innovation, commitment to their customers, and care for our world.

As Microsoft partners, you have consistently harnessed Microsoft’s solutions to empower your customers to enable digital transformation and achieve more.


Microsoft Canada Impact Awards 2023

Prix Impact 2023 de Microsoft Canada

AI Impact Award - ISV

Winner: Natural Reader

Finalist: Calian

Prix Impact IA - Fournisseur indépendant de logiciels

Gagnante: Natural Reader

Finaliste: Calian

AI Impact Award - Services

Winner: BDO Lixar

Finalist: Adastra

Prix Impact IA - Services

Gagnante: BDO Lixar

Finaliste: Adastra

Analytics Impact Award

Winner: Accenture/Avanade

Finalist: Slalom

Prix Impact Analyse

Gagnante: Accenture/Avanade

Finaliste: Slalom

Breakthrough Partner Impact Award - ISV

Winner: Adlib

Finalist: Conexiom

Prix Impact Partenaire Mondial - Fournisseur indépendant de logiciels

Gagnante: Adlib

Finaliste: Conexiom

Breakthrough Partner Impact Award - SI

Winner: Optimus

Finalist: Xerris, an Accolite Digital Company

Prix Impact Partenaire Mondial - Intégrateurs de systèmes

Gagnante: Optimus

Finaliste: Xerris, an Accolite Digital Company

Business Applications Impact Award

Winner: HSO

Finalist: Alithya

Prix Impact des Applications d'entreprise

Gagnante: HSO

Finaliste: Alithya

Community Response Impact Award

Winner: Creospark Consulting

Finalist: Protiviti

Prix Impact Réponse Communautaire

Gagnante: Creospark Consulting

Finaliste: Protiviti

Enterprise Sales Impact Award

Winner: Accenture/Avanade

Finalist: Tata Consultancy Services

Prix Impact Ventes aux entreprises

Gagnante: Accenture/Avanade

Finaliste: Tata Consultancy Services

Inclusion Changemaker Impact Award

Winner: Insight Canada

Finalist: Whitecap Canada

Prix Impact Agent de changement en matière d’inclusion

Gagnante: Insight Canada

Finaliste: Whitecap Canada

Indirect Cloud Solution Provider Impact Award

Winner: Ingram Micro

Finalist: Pax8

Prix Impact Fournisseur indirect de solutions infonuagiques 

Gagnante: Ingram Micro

Finaliste: Pax8

Industry Innovation Impact Awards

Winner: Adastra (Financial Services and Manufacturing) 

Winner: HSO (Financial Services)

Winner: VNEXT Group (Healthcare)

Finalist: Alithya (Financial Services and Manufacturing)

Finalist: KPMG (Public Sector)

Finalist: Smile Digital Health (Healthcare)

Prix Impact Innovation Industrielle

Gagnante: Adastra (Les Services Financiers et l'Industrie) 

Gagnante: HSO (Les Services Financiers)

Gagnante: VNEXT Group (Soins de santé)

Finaliste: Alithya (Les Services Financiers et l'Industrie)

Finaliste: KPMG (Secteur Public)

Finaliste: Smile Digital Health (Soins de santé)

ISV Impact Award

Winner: Zafin

Finalist: Adobe

Finalist: VMware

Prix Impact Fournisseur indépendant de logiciels

Gagnante: Zafin

Finaliste: Adobe

Finaliste: VMware

Migration Modernization Impact Award

Winner: Accenture/Avanade

Finalist: Long View Systems

Prix Impact Services de Migration et de Modernisation

Gagnante: Accenture/Avanade

Finaliste: Long View Systems

Modern Marketing Impact Award

Winner: Insight Canada

Finalist: Softchoice Canada

Prix Impact Marketing Moderne

Gagnante: Insight Canada

Finaliste: Softchoice Canada

Modern Workplace Impact Award

Winner: CDW Canada

Finalist: Softchoice Canada

Prix Impact Milieu de travail moderne

Gagnante: CDW Canada

Finaliste: Softchoice Canada

Modernizing Applications Impact Award

Winner: ADDATECH Systems Inc

Finalist: Tata Consultancy Services

Prix Impact Modernisation des applications

Gagnante: ADDATECH Systems Inc

Finaliste: Tata Consultancy Services

National Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Impact Award

Winner: Softchoice Canada

Finalist: Ingram Micro

Prix Impact Fournisseur national de solutions infonuagiques

Gagnante: Softchoice Canada

Finaliste: Ingram Micro

National Large Solution Provider (LSP) Impact Award

Winner: Softchoice Canada

Finalist: Insight Canada

Prix Impact Fournisseur national de solutions de grande envergure

Gagnante: Softchoice Canada

Finaliste: Insight Canada

Power Platform Impact Award

Winner: MNP Digital

Finalist: Adastra

Prix Impact Plateforme Power

Gagnante: MNP Digital

Finaliste: Adastra

Public Sector Impact Award

Winner: Slalom

Finalist: Insight Canada

Prix Impact Secteur Public

Gagnante: Slalom

Finaliste: Insight Canada

Security Impact Award

Winner: Difenda

Finalist: Long View Systems

Prix Impact Sécurité

Gagnante: Difenda

Finaliste: Long View Systems

Surface Impact Award

Winner: Compugen

Finalist: Northern Micro

Prix Impact Surface

Gagnante: Compugen

Finaliste: Northern Micro

Sustainability Changemaker Impact Award

Winner: Accenture/Avanade

Finalist: E-Magic

Prix Impact Agent de changement en matière de développement durable

Gagnante: Accenture/Avanade

Finaliste: E-Magic

Tech Intensity - ISV Impact Award

Winner: Calian

Finalist: SOTI

Prix Impact Intensité technologique – Fournisseur indépendant de logiciels

Gagnante: Calian

Finaliste: SOTI

Tech Intensity - Services Impact Award

Winner: Tata Consultancy Services

Finalist: CGI

Prix Impact Intensité technologique – Services

Gagnante: Tata Consultancy Services

Finaliste: CGI


We look forward to celebrating the diversity of our ecosystem and their outstanding achievements at Microsoft Inspire 2023 on July 18 to 19. Microsoft Inspire is your opportunity to virtually gather with the Microsoft partner community and learn about new opportunities to develop and expand your business.   


If you have not already registered for Microsoft Inspire, we encourage you to do so today!

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