what is the procedure for bring our own SQL server licence to azure VM

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what is the procedure for bring our own SQL server licence to azure VM

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Actually I have already purchased an azure VM with sql server pre installed. So if there is any way to add my license to that preinstalled sql server

I never tried but have a look on https://blog.sqlauthority.com/2015/11/06/sql-server-how-to-change-sql-server-product-key-or-license-...


In my case, I need more customization in SQL instance. So I have created SQL Image bakery, Where I setup custom SQL image with my own SQL version with right product key and all other customization using powershell dsc. This way I setup my SQL in less than 20 min and on top of it, need to run couple of dsc code (takes 3-4 min) while creating SQL workload from my own custom image.

You can't. Even if you manage to change the license of the SQL Server, you're going to pay full price for it because the license is tied to the VM level, not OS. What you have to do is to create a new VM, install SQL Server (or use one of the BYOL Images from the gallery) with your license and then move the databases.

Thank You! I was not aware of it as I never done it before.
In my case, I create vanilla image and then do sql installation n configuration.

Thanks for your reply..


Also, Is it possible to install TFS server inside azure vm(purchased only VM) and use my own license key to activate it...