Virtual ports not open

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I am trying to open some Ports in Network Security gateway, but its not working.


3389, 80,12005 and some custome port works.


I have opened a range of port but one particular port 11301 udp is not open.


The firewall is turned off. Please sugest



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Are these ARM or Classic VM'S ?


Remeber in both cases if you have applied NSG to subnet and to VM you have to allow the traffic for both. 


From the internet the traffic will first hit the Subnet NSG, if allowed, the packages will continue to target VM. Here they will hit the VM NSG.


The NSG for you subnet could be the same as the one for your VM, or you just just secure you subnet and not the VM. But remeber there are default rules you must take into account.

Perhaps you haven't assocaited your NSG to subnet or NIC of the VM that the request will come into.