Using Azure Update Management on Azure Stack

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At Microsoft Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced the integration of Azure Update and Configuration Management on Azure Stack. This is a perfect example how Azure services from the public cloud can be extended into your datacenter using Azure Stack. Azure Update and Configuration Management brings Azure Update Management, Change Tracking and Inventory to your Azure Stack VMs. In the case of Azure Stack, the backend services and orchestrator like Azure Automation and Log Analytics, will remain to run in Azure, but it lets you connect your VMs running on Azure Stack.


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Hi Thomas.

Regarding reboot option in update management- "Always reboot", Does It means that the server will definitely restart after patching completes? or something else.


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Hi Digamber

It means, it will always restart, even the updates do not require a reboot. Keep in mind, the reboot won’t kick off if you exceed your maintenance window.




Thank you so much, Thomas, for the Information, I would like your help to know 3 more things.
1. Is azure windows update management overwrite the local windows update settings of the server also it would be good if you suggest that what should be the windows update settings in a server.
2. Secondly regarding always reboot, you mean to say that reboot will not happen if maintenance windows exceed?
3. Third thing is, I just want to know what all are the reasons behind exceeding maintenance window. I always patch 55 servers and the maintenance window always exceeds with 5 or 6 servers failing updates which I patch manually later. you can see the attached snapshot for the reference.


Thank you so much for your help.