Unable to select size while creating a virtual machine

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Kindly assist, I'm trying to create a sql virtual machine but it's not letting me select the size. I've just started with the Azure and have free subscription. Before this I was able to create 2 windows virtual machines successfully.




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Can you check if you have any subscription quotas by chance? I also know that sometimes the Azure sponsorship subscriptions have limitations as to what you can deploy on them and to what regions. I went through and tested it on my subscription and it by default with that marketplace image wants to deploy a DS13_V2. This has 8 vcpu's and 56GB of RAM. I am thinking this exceeds your subscription quota. If you can get that information I would be happy to assist.   @Lipika_Bundela 

@Bryan Haslip  Yes, even I thought that there might be some issue with the subscription quota but I believe it's not that because I'm able to create windows server VM's (screenshot below). It's just when I'm trying to create a SQL Server VM, I'm facing this issue.



I looked up the default vcpu quota as well and it is 20 so your correct that the quota should not be the issue. If you change the region does it pass validation to deploy? @Lipika_Bundela