Unable to print via Azure

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Hi There I have tried to find the root cause of the problem, but I have been unable to fix an issue which results in a printer showing on the server but showing error. I am accessing the Azure server via RDP and I am allowing for printers and Port Access, I have reinstalled drivers. 


Any Help  

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Hi @jnewman-sharp-ax,


So you have a Server with a Printer installed on it, right?

Where is the Printer? Local? Connection between Printer and Server is done with Site-2-Site VPN?

Are there any Network Security Groups in Place or anything else that may stop the Printers traffic?

What exactly is the Error on the Server?

Is the Printer pingable from the Server?


Kind Regards, Peter

Yes it was on a physical server as part of a LAN, recently we have upgraded to Azure and some printers have been added and work fine, we have a recoh c3503 with latest driver installed on the server. The printer can be found by the add a printer function however when it is selected it prompts an error that says, we are unable to install this printer at this time it,  then provides the azure url and gives error code #123, I then click okay and it prompts another error saying 0x0000007b. I have screen shots if there is a way to add them on here?


Not sure about Network security group or how to access it to see it.

So we use the printer on the LAN but via RDP on a laptop 

I should be able to ping it because the server see's it but will not install it.