Two AAD tenants - want to see Name, Email, and their manager information

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We have two Azure AD tenants - M365 obviously, and they can NOT talk with each other for legal reasons.

We do have some external guests however we want to see if we can somehow present some content from TenantA on TenantB?

I don't know if the information from TenantB can be in an area on TenantA for example to be able to have as a Lists or CSV or database or something or some API to get to them and get the data.

We can not have direct access to the different Tenants yet I am open to looking to see if some possible sharing of data IF at all possible.  It would have to go through a security approval as this is an international company with many legal restrictions. 



Is there any sort of way to get AAD information and pull it say nightly or maybe a 3rd party or something from TenantA into TenantB?

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