[Solved] How to get my profile picture to show in Windows 10 settings page?

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I've followed these 2 guides and selected a picture that is less than 100KB in size,


waited few hours, restarted several times but the picture still doesn't show up.


Annotation 2019-11-14 085433.png


Annotation 2019-11-14 085501.png



the device is enrolled in Intune policies (defaults). am I supposed to do anything special to get it working?


p.s when I sign in with the same account in Microsoft Edge insider browser, I can see my user picture in that browser.


I'm using Windows 10 build 1909

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so I don't know what happened but almost 8 hours ago I put a custom picture from the settings page in Windows 10 and then turned off the VM. now I logged in and I see my Azure Active Directory picture is showing up in the Windows settings!


another thing that happens is that my windows 10 is now automatically activated using my organization's license (Windows 10 business subscription). it wasn't activated 8 hours ago.


so I suspect 2 things: either the activation was required for the picture to show up or I just had to wait..

also another related doc: