scheduled startup and shutdown for web app

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I am looking to a way to setup something that will allow me to schedule a power on and power off of my web app resource

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you can use Powershell cmdlets Start-AzureRMWebApp and Stop-AzureRMWebApp, but better than that is using an automation account with a Runbook. You can find some runbook templates for start/stop web apps in the gallery
is this for billing purposes ? if that is the case stopping the web app will not reduce you cost. the billing is tied to the app service plan.

Hi Pablo,


Webapp is not a VM at least from pricing prospective. So, stopping a webapp will not reduce cost as Kent mentioned.




you're right, I mixed concepts here

I am trying to reduce cost.  Will the shutdown of the web app help?   From what I see it won't.

@Mark Nagie if you want to refrain from the cost, you have to create a schedule to automatic scaling down to free tier when you are not using your app service plan, and scaling up when you are using. You can write automated powershell script and schedule in a runbook as well into Azure automation account.


Follow this github resource