Ressource custom tagging

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Knowing the 15 tags limitation per ressource,

Is there anyway we could generate a specific tag that would be read-only for the lifetime of that resource in order to revoke contributors the ability to change that specific tag name and value ? 

What I would like to achieve is to automatically generate a unique tag for each resource that would be encrypted and that would contain some specific information regarding that resource (Client name / Dept, RessourceType, RessourceGroup, RessourceType, etc). Since the value is limited to 256 characters, I would use a table where each character has a specific signification. That would be used for reporting but also to repopulate other tags of each resource in the case some contributors change their values.

Thanks :)

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Seems like this would get more attention in Azure Feedback ->

Permission on TAG can't be set, you can add a feedback as already suggested.