Resize Azure 1 TB Unmanaged Premium storage to 4 TB storage

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We currently have 16x1TB Unmanaged premium storage disks on an Azure Standard DS4 v2 (8 vcpus) in 1 storage pool.

For cost efficiency we would like to rather make use of 4x4 TB premium disks since it works out cheaper.

I can temporarily increase the DS4 v2 to DS5 v2 to allow me to add more disks and then add the 4x4TB disks but how am I going to move over all the data without affecting the system / downtime.

Also when I resize the VM back what will stop it from not removing the attached disks since it no longer supports the amount of disks?

Is there anyone that can give me pointers on what I should be looking at to achieve this? - disk layout

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