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I searched the internet and I'm seeing different responses.


My question is, can I replace AD with AAD and Intune combinations? 


We do not have any inhouse hosted applications and all our apps are SaaS.




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At a high level, it sounds like you can, especially if you don't need to run any client/applications and if you do - check out Azure Active Directory Domain Services.

It can be a complex question, depending on what you are running, the requirements etc, or it can be quite simple!
As Luke said, yes you can BUT you have to pay attention for client applications or other services that uses LDAP or any other authentication method except OAuth and SAML.
For these cases, you need to provision Azure ADDS. It's a little more complex and costly scenario, but it is the only way to work.
Thank you guys for the response.

We dont use AD for any authentication except windows. we will migrate devices to AAD from domain. seems to be do able for our small environment. I'll do some more digging of what to expect and come back to you guys if stuck!
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The user profile tool can assist,

Essentially, disjoin account from AD
Login to local account
Join to Azure AD
Login with Azure AD credentials
Transfer data
Configure OneDrive etc