Repeated requests to approve 3rd party app consent

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Hello - 


I am coming across an issue in an environment where Azure Cloud App Admins / Global Admins are receiving repeated email approval requests to approve permissions for 3rd party apps when admin access on behalf of the tenant has been previously approved and granted.


Does anyone know why this happens or a way to stop it?


The tenant is configured with this:





This issue occurs for multiple apps. When the second or third request from an end user comes in for the same app, I have already gone into the Enterprise App in Azure AD and confirmed that the permissions the end user and app is requesting have already been granted by an admin.





Thank you!


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@Zach Saltzman 

you are saying keep receiving those approval Email in the same 3rd party app?


Yes - the Cloud Admin(s) would receive multiple approval requests, like the one below, for the same app, even after they have granted admin consent for the permissions for the app previously via this same notification/request method.