Public preview of Java on App Service, built-in support for Tomcat and OpenJDK

Community Manager

A couple of months back, we announced the general availability of App Service on Linux, starting with support for .NET Core, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, and custom Docker containers. Today, we are glad to share the public preview of Java apps on App Service. This release includes built-in support for Apache Tomcat 8.5/9.0 and OpenJDK 8, making it easy for Java developers to deploy web or API apps to Azure. Just bring your .jar or .war file to Azure App Serviceand we’ll take care of the capacity provisioning, server maintenance, and load balancing. 


Creating a Java web app is easy with App Service using our out-of-box support for Tomcat and OpenJDK. You can deploy your .jar or .war file to Azure and get it up and running at scale with just a few clicks. If you have other preferred images such as Jetty or a different JRE, you can also build your own Docker image and deploy it to App Service. 




Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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