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Hi All,


I have a doubt, we have an EA agreement where we have multiple departments created, each department has assigned an AO. So the AO could create one or multiple subscriptions under this deparment.


Our team, manage the governance of the Azure portal, so what we have done is the following: 

- We have deployed a Root Management Groups in Azure

- this RMG has multiple policies included


What we want to achieve and my question, regards to:

- If a user creates a subscription via EA portal, we want to set automatically this subscription in the RMG, doing this, will be inherit policies, and other things in order to follow the governance guidelines that we have set in the company.


I have thought about implementing and automation account to be run every night and set those subscriptions to a RMG, but i'm looking for another possibilities in order the event of subscription creation has been fired to set the subscription to a RMG. Is it possible?


Thanks in advance

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@Alberto Andrés Rodríguez, if you're using the default root MG, every new subscription lands there by default. If it's not the case, then you could also listen to Azure Subscription events with a Logic App or Event Grid and implement the required behaviour with an Azure Function.