New innovations at Microsoft Build 2017: Helping developers achieve more

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More than ever, organizations are relying on developers to create breakthrough experiences. From start-ups to enterprises to government agencies, developers are creating new digital experiences that are redefining organizations to empower us all. The cloud is a key enabler for this era, bringing powerful, new technology to developers across the globe. But, the cloud also brings with it an unprecedented pace of technology releases and heightened expectations for developers to deliver breakthrough experiences all the time. It is this understanding that shapes how we build and deliver Microsoft Azure.


A core design principle for Azure is helping guide your success. Providing powerful tech and lots of new features is necessary, but not sufficient – it is how you achieve success with the cloud that matters most. The cloud is no longer about just who has more features; it’s about how successful you can be with the cloud. To deliver on this principle, we focus Azure innovation on your needs – making cutting edge technology approachable to all developers, and doing the heavy lifting to ensure Azure uniquely meets enterprise scenarios. Trust is one of our core values, and we will continue to lead the industry in our work on security, compliance, privacy, and responsibility. And, Azure is designed for your results, ensuring you have proven guidance, expert advice, and support. With these core tenets, every developer can be successful with Azure – it is this goal the Azure team focuses on delivering every day.




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