Need Help on Refresh function in .net for overrides the M expression in SSAS Tabular model.

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I need help on the below issue.


Function in .net for Overrides the M exrpression In partition of the Table .


public void Refresh(RefreshType type, ICollection<OverrideCollection> overrides);


public void RequestRefresh(RefreshType type, ICollection<OverrideCollection> overrides);


The above two functions are not working for override the old M expression for Paritition query  with New Expression.


We used the override class then we refresh with above functions unfortunately it is not updating the in the Expression. 



TOA.Partition partition = m.Tables.Find(Table).Partitions[1];


OverrideCollection oc = new OverrideCollection{

Partitions ={
new PartitionOverride{

OriginalObject =partition,
Source = new MPartitionSourceOverride

var listOc = new List<OverrideCollection>();

partition.RequestRefresh(TOA.RefreshType.Add ,listOc);

partition.Refresh(TOA.RefreshType.Add, listOc);





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