Need a help to upload a bulky file on Azure Shared Folder

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I am trying to upload files on Shared folder on Azure Storage Account. I use free file sync to upload the files on Mappe Azure shared folder in my computer.

As soon as it reaches 85%, the file sync fails?. I can not access the Azure portal fully as I am backup Contributor. 

Any help to upload the file would be great. 


Thank you

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  • You do mean Azure File Sync, right (free file sync???) ?
  • How large is the file you're trying to sync?
  • What are the specs of the registered server e.g. memory, free disk space?
  • What errors do your logs report?


Review this information:



Thank you for the Reply. 

The current scenario is I have been given only Mapped drive for the file share. I do not have full authority and this has to be done to replicate the folders From ShadowProtect backups. 


I have used Free File sync (Third party app ) it would fail on  every 86 % as the file size was 1.17TB. Later it has been discovered while using Azcopy that it supports only 1 TB max transfer. 

I have changed the backup plan and configured ShadowProtect Backup to create not more than 1 TB files. 


Looks the issue is resolved. 


Thank you




Rgr that.


Thanks for sharing your findings.