My exam preparation for Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)



Hi Azure Friends,


Why should I take a certification? What does this certificate bring me? These are questions I am often asked. In all honesty, there is no exact answer to these questions. Let me explain how it would answer for me.

The first question: I'm getting to know a new technology, I invest a lot of time, so why not complete this assignment with a certificate!

Question number two: For me it is just a great feeling to learn new things, to keep up with the times and to get a new certificate. It also looks great in the CV (curriculum vitae) ;-)!


So now let's look at the next steps together! My exam preparation checklist:


1. Read through the skills measured at your leisure


2.Read the Study Guide by @thomasmaurer . This is super helpful information!


3. Create a free Azure account, if you don't already have one, so that you can do all the exercises in a hands-on manner


4. Take a close look at the Microsoft learning path, even better work through it right away (the learning paths are listed a little further down on the website)


5. Register for the exam early. This creates some pressure and you stay motivated


6. Now it goes to the Microsoft Learn content. These learn paths (as you can see below) I have worked through completely and "mapped"/reconfigured as much as possible in my test environment.


7. Practice, practice, practice ... With examples from the Microsoft Azure documentation portal


Perhaps as an additional tip. If you have learned something new, try to explain it to another person (regardless of whether this person is familiar with this topic), if you succeed without effort, you have understood the newly learned super.

I do this in a similar way. Not that I explain it to another person, no I create a YouTube video.


I hope this information helps you and that you successfully pass the exam. I wish you success!


Kind regards, Tom Wechsler

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