Multisite Wordpress on Azure.

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I have installed Bitnami multisiste Wordpress on Azure. The site is working when I use the IP-adress I was given on the installation. But I need to combine that IP-adress with the domain-name I like to use.


I can nit find where I do this. On the Azure portal, or my Wordpress site.


Any suggestions?


Best regards

- Geir


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I am assuming you are using the virtual machine based solution. In this case, go first to your public IP address resource and under configuration you can change to static assignment. This will ensure that you always get the same IP. Then you just create a regular A-record in your DNS to that IP.

Normally you need to change inside of wordpress as well.

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Hi Viktor,


You are right. I do use the Virtual Machine.


I havde added the IP adress from Azure to my domain. And my domain direct to the right site.


My problem is that the IP-adress shows up in the URL, not my siteadress.


Also when I try to add a new site on the mulitite the adress is with the IPadress at the end, and it does not work.


Do I need to change the name servers?


Attached is the picture from WP-multisite.


Best Regards

- Geir

ms url.PNG

Hi Geir,

WordPress stores references to the site URL in the database. Your best option is to replace instances of the IP address with your domain name in the database. WP-CLI has a search and replace command that makes this really easy and keeps serialized data properly formatted.


You can also edit wp-config.php to define WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL to overwrite the value in the database with the correct URL. However, search and replace is the best practice as it will update links, media, and other references as well.


Hope this helps.


- Andrew