How to delete directory in Azure ARM?


Ok, here is the situation.


When I started Azure, a lot of thing were confusing. At that time, I created few directories in the Azure ARM. Please see attached screenshot.


Now I want to delete those two directories (except the default one). However, if I go to Azure Active Directory, it says that I don’t have access. Again, please see the attached screenshot. Moreover, in classic portal, directory01 is not even available.


no access.PNG



So my question is how to remove that directory from Azure ARM portal?

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Here is what Azure ARM portal shows if I try to delete the directory.




Login as the service admin in to azure tenent.

  1. Then login to 
  2. Select the directory
  3. Click delete on below 

Note :- Make sure following prerequist met before deleting





Hello Kusan, 


Thank you for your reply. 

That is what I did first, and tried again just now. However, I still can't delete. Here is screenshot. Please look at it. 


cannot delete.PNG



This is due to applications are intregrated with that directory. In Azure AD navigate to application and verify there are any applications. If there any remove it from there.


Please refer this



The directory that I want to delete is not listed under any of the subscriptions. This is what I did a while ago trying to delete it. However, still can't delete it. 


The problem is that I once enabled Azure Active Directory Premium P1 to try it. Since then I cannot disable it. I simple do not know how to disable it. Azure AD Premium P1 is charging me every month. 

In this screenshot you can see that I have two services that are active, however, NOT ASSIGNED to any users. There are actually no users except me. Still something preventing me from deleting this directory. 





Please go to this link and see Azure AD premum subscription is assign to your account

if the subscription exists disable it.


Or open a support ticket they will look in to it 

That is currently by design I would belive. You account is added as an external contact in each directory. In order to remove them from the list, you have to ask an administrator in each directory to remove your contact object.


Im not 100% sure, but i belive this is the reason.

If You unsubscribe Azure AD Premium?