How to create reverse proxy with backend is url on-premise ?

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     i has created VPN site to site as below and it can connected ok

      On-premise has url and vpn site to site -> azure subnet DMZ 

      I want create a reverse proxy in subnet DMZ and backend is server with port is 443 . So i can create application gateway ? or another app ? please any one suggest help me

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@Tien Ngo Thanh Yes you can use Azure application gateway for this. Application gateway works at Application Layer (Layer 7) and can act as a reverse proxy services. Application gateway will terminate the client connection and forward the request to back endpoints. In addition application gateway will provide following functionality:

  1. SSL offloading  - Application Gateway can receive request on https and route that to internal servers running on http. You can also configure SSL protocol version
  2. Analyze traffic statistics: You can view and analyze Access logs via several mechanisms such as Azure Log Analytics, Excel, Power BI etc.
  3. VPN tunnels/Express route and VNet Peering is supported

There are many more features and advantages. I hope this helps

Thanks for all support , i just check then the problem is heath check failure ssl after that i export public key from certificate of server and import to Http setting in application gateway then now it is working normal