how to begin to use Azure to do calculation?

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i just want to install a 2GB software to calculate things with HPC,

i find link below,

I guess the software need to upload to one of head node, is it correct, but which one of head nodes?

but after click link below, and start free

it need to fill in credit card, but i do not know how much fee to pay if i use one hour for 5 compute nodes, are compute nodes using GPU or CPU? how fast if using 5 compute nodes?

if i filled in credit card, does it mean that i can remote head node to transfer 2.5GB software to install

and start to run just simple ? 

any more need to configure to do?

Template 2: High-availability cluster for Windows workloads with existing Active Directory Domain

This template deploys an HPC Pack cluster with high availability for Windows HPC workloads in an existing Active Directory Domain forest. The cluster includes three head nodes, one Database Server with SQL Server 2016 Standard version, and a configurable number of Windows compute nodes.

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When i understand you right you want to deploy some of the templates in the Github link and start to evaluate and grow experience with the Azure Infrastructure, right?

And what you are wondering now is how much it will cost you to deploy all of this stuff, right?

You have a Microsoft Tenant and a Azure Subscription with Pay-per-Use when im not wrong.


To have a rough overview of what costs may appear you can have a look and calculate it in the Azure TCO Calculator. ( )


Hope this was helpful for you.


Kind Regards, Peter