How to assign an existing public IP (e.g. to Azure VM (IIS on WinServ2019DC)

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I have one VM running (ISS on WinServ2019 DC) with internal IP and static public IP (provided by Azure in ““ domain) but I have got a domain (e.g. with associated public IP which I bought (not in Azure Marketplace) for myself. This domain was added in my office 365 business premium setup.

How can I assign my existing public IP ( to this (ISS) VM through powershell and Azure Portal?

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.



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@Wilhelm Meister As far i remember, you can not add any other IP-Addresses except the onece, which are assigned to microsoft.

@Pawel Kostelnik 

thx Pawel. 

I added with related public IP to Microsoft DNS Server via Office 365 Setup Utility so this domain and this public IP is assigned to Microsoft DNS but probably I should do some additional configuration in Azure (DNS service ?!…). 



@Wilhelm Meister so you added your domain to office 365. If you wanna to access the VM (IIS service?) threw web, then you need to add an cname in the DNS Service to point "your.domain" to the static IP of the Azure VM. you also have to create access rules in the Network security Group, which allows traffic from everywhere to your VM on your designated Port (http/80 or https/443 or any other).

Is this more something you like to know ?

@Pawel Kostelnik 

thx once again. 

ISS on VM is already running and the homepage with Azure “default” domain name is reachable via internet. So, no worries here but I struggle to assign the IP to this VM (ISS).  

I created CNAMES in Office365 DNS but I am not sure whether and how I have to configure DNS in Azure.