How do I migrate a Windows local user account profile to Azure AD when joining?

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I simply want to migrate data and local account into Azure for multiple users easily

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Could you please provide more details?

 Have you got your Virtual Machine DC on Azure joint to Azure Active Directory subscription and you would like to move your on prem user local profiles to both on azure?


Or you have Azure Active directory subscription and a local on Prem DC and would like to move your user profiles data to Azure Active directory?


By Data I reckon you mean AD Users Data?


Thank you


I don't know of a way to transfer this using any Windows or Azure utilities. I have however used a third party tool essentially to pack up the profile and move it to a new computer or remote desktop environment. I will share the link below. Let me know if you have any questions running the utility.



Firenzit just copies the profile to another PC. USMT can do that.

That does NOT help getting the data and settings merged to the Azure User account,which is what is wanted here.



As of today, August 17 2019
USMTGUI can migrate user profiles to Azure, provided the user is logged in with his Azure account.


Locally stored user profiles on the PC (fx from before it was Azure joined) can be migrated directly.
Profiles backed up on another PC can as well be restored to the currently logged in Azure user.
Even a profile from fx a Windows 7 PC, and with a different Office version, can be migrated to the Windows 10 Azure account.
In case you do NOT want fx Outlook registry settings migrated (perhaps access settings are different) or don't want OneDrive content transferred it is easy to deselect <:-)

USMTGUI 10.21.1903 azure.png


With the latest changes today, Dec 8, USMTGUI also migrates bookmarks and settings for the new MS Edge (Chromium). Both in standard USMT- and Azure migration scenarios.

The best way that I know to upload to Azure blob, quick and simple from windows is via a third-party tool called Gs Richcopy 360, and it has an option to throttle the connection ,to avoid bandwidth-consuming , search it

We used ProfWiz to do this at my job. Joined the computer to Azure then had them sign into the new profile. Immediately after we signed them out and into a local admin account. Once signed into the local admin account then you can run ProfWiz. Just choose the local account you want to migrate and it brings over all of the user data. @rumorhasitsf 

Well, With USMTGUI you can do it directly from within the Azure account at first login