Help estimating the price for a large Azure Export job

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Hi everyone,


I am working on a task which involves mirroring a large amount of data (250 TB) from an Azure blob storage to a local data center storage.

The most cost effective approach for doing this seems to be using the Azure Import / Export service to export all the data. However, I am still trying to identify the specific operations involved and the associated cost in order to estimate the total amount billed for the task.


The source blob storage in Azure is characterized as :

Blob storage with only one container
Redundancy: LRS

Offer: Standard (GPv2) storage

Region: West Europe

Type (tier): Hot


My understanding is that the final bill will be derived from:
- drive handling fee

- shipping costs

- transaction costs (this is the confusing part)


I need help to understand what are the transaction costs involved in an Export service.

For instance:

- Is the Export service considered an "Outbound data transfer" and billed according to this table?

- Is the Export service generating any network bandwidth cost?

- Which of the operations described in "Operations and data transfer prices" table under the following link are relevant for an Export service?

(My assumption was that only "Data Retrieval" is relevant, but I am not sure)


Please help making the cost of this service more predictable.


Many thanks in advance for your help!


Kind Regards

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