Get alerts faster with near real-time alerting for Azure platform metrics

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At Ignite 2017, we announced the public preview of near real-time metric alerts in Azure. This new kind of alerts provide the following improvements over the current metric alerts.


  • Improved Latency – You can create near real-time metric alerts that monitor metric values as frequently as 1 minute.
  • More control over metric conditions – You can create near real-time metric alert rules that can monitor minimum, maximum, average, and total of the metric over the evaluation period.
  • Combined monitoring of multiple metrics – You can create a single near real-time metric alert rule that can monitor multiple metrics (currently two) at the same time.
  • Modular notification system –  You can use action groups with near real-time metric alerts. Action groups provide a reusable set of actions that can be used with multiple alerts. By using action groups with near real-time metric alerts, you can send SMS, email, or call web hook when an alert gets triggered.


Read about it in the Azure blog

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