Free Microsoft webinars on Operations Management Suite

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Myself and my MVP colleague Marc Kean, with the help of Microsoft, have released a series of 4 webinars which covers the basics of Azure OMS.




Performance and Monitoring

In Part 1 of this new webinar series, learn how to separate the signal from the noise by gaining deeper insights into applications and workloads with Log Analytics:

  • Collect, correlate and act on log data from multiple systems in a single view.
  • Map and understand the application dependencies, and address incidents quickly.


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Availability and Business Continuity

In Part 2 of this new webinar series, learn how to take advantage of the economies of Cloud technology to get enterprise class Back-up and DR with OMS Availability.


  • Restore applications and services quickly with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Orchestrate replication, create customised recovery plans, and easily test failover.
  • Extend on-premises data protection tools with purpose built enterprise backup services. Remove the cost and complexity of Tape back-up.



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Security Threat Analysis & Compliance

In Part 3 of this new webinar series, learn how to prevent, detect, and respond to threats with the increased visibility that OMS Security and Compliance provides.


  • Visualise outbound malicious IP traffic and malicious threat types. Understand the security posture of your entire environment regardless of platform.
  • Capture all security log and event data required for a compliance audit. Save time and resources when producing a security audit with a searchable and exportable log and event data set.



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Automation of routine tasks

In Part 4 of this new webinar series, learn how to use Automation to take control of your environment by remediating operational issues & get time back to focus on work that adds business value.

  • Consistently deploy, monitor, and automatically update your IT resources, with change management and patching solutions to enable environmental compliance.
  • Use familiar PowerShell skills to automate complex and repetitive tasks. Extend cloud automation capabilities to your on-premises datacentre without human intervention.


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Thanks for sharing!

Free Microsoft webinars on Operations Management Suite


Is this still a valid offer?


I signed up yesterday but never received a reply.  The bot said I'd get an email...

Hi Dave,


Not sure that Microsoft still has those webinars available, but we have uploaded two of them to YouTube too:





Let me know if you are after the other ones, and I can upload them too.