Exciting advances in Azure Alerts – From better alert management to Smart Groups

Community Manager

Today we are excited to announce preview of three new features in Azure Monitor that let you enumerate alerts at scale across log, metric or activity log alerts, filter alerts across subscriptions, manage alert states, look at alert instance specific details, and troubleshoot issues faster using SmartGroups that automatically group related alerts. These features continue to enhance the unified alerts configuration experience announced earlier this year. We look forward to your feedback to refine the functionality further.


The new alert enumeration experience and API allows observing alerts across Azure deployments. Alerts across multiple subscriptions can be queried and pivoted on severity, signal types, resource type, and more allowing a performant and easy summary-to-drill down experience. The new enumeration experience also supports multi-select filtering on any relevant dimension, allowing for example, looking up alerts across a set of resource groups or specific resource types.




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