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I have a requirement to create a 2 dynamics groups one for STANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_FACULTY users

another for STANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_STUDENT. can someone please help in this matter?

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@christian14 You are aware that Dynamic Groups require AAD P1? Next, does a user card contain a unique property or some value to distinguish Student versus Faculty user? 


With this info, you may want to have a look at this Microsoft doc to build your rules:

Thanks for your help @Paul Slijkhuis . Yes, I have AAD P1.  User cards doesn't contains any different properties, the only difference is license type.  The only option is to set a property like jobtitle or Department to distinguish between these types of users?     

That is the best option with Dynamic Groups. Alternatively, sync an existing group from on-premises and add licensing tot that group in Azure AD.