Different method to create azure virtual machine

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am new to this forum.


want to clarify whether my understanding is correct on creating azure VM through diff method

1) create a VM from azure portal

2) create a VM through Powershell (without using visual studio or JSON)

3) create a json template and deploy json template through power shell

4) create and deploy virtual machine through visual studio console.


is this correct ? if yes, what is the recommanded method to create a azure VM ?





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Yes. My preferred method is Powershell. I have my own scripts with variables i can change when needed. 

thank you.


One question on using VB. if i have jason template ready with me for VM deployment and parameter then i do not need VB to be installed, right ? i can simply edit json file and use it in to powershell command.


is my unerstanding is correct ?



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What about Azure cli and shell on azure
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