Deploying Windows Containers (created with Docker) into Azure Container Service


I am trying to complete an architectural research on how to properly work with Windows Containers within the Azure domain/environment where I have to containerize the Dot Net Core Web API application and deploy that container into an Azure Container Service

Here are the things that I did

1. I did create an Azure Container Service account/domain/virtual machine within the Azure portal

2. Also, I did create another virtual machine for the Windows Server 2016 with Containers that already had the Docker installed

3. On the Windows server 2016 I did create a simple .NET Core Web API application and created an image for that application using Docker

4. I did push the image of the Web API application into a Docker hub and using the SSH tunnel interface tried to download the image into an Azure Container Service, so it can be run from that service

However, I would get a message that the Windows Containers cannot run on Linux as the Azure Container Service by default is a Linux system

Is there a way to deploy a Windows Docker Container into an Azure Container Service
a. Should I create Azure Container Service in Windows?
b. Should I use another orchestrator (NOT Docker) to deploy a Windows Container into an Azure Container Service?
c. Should I go down a different path?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind support!

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