Create Multiple Subscriptions under one billing account?

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Future State:


- Non Production

- Production


Billing : Enterprise Account


Is it possible to map an Enterprise Account to multiple Subscriptions.


So far, I`ve used Azure for Personal or Individual account.

so not sure of the process.



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Yes, you can have multiple subscriptions under one enterprise account. I do this now. I have one Azure tenant though.
Hi, sure you can do this. One another thing, with EA Subscription, it's possible to enable Dev/Test Subscription where you get more benifits. Regards, Hannes

@Hannes_LG we are planning to have the subscription in AU Central 1 & 2.

Is their a list that provides what all information is currently available in this region.


Also, any concerns while moving existing resources running in other Azure Regions to AU Central 1 & 2 region?


Thanks in advance

@Richard_Hooper @Hannes_LG 

Can DEV/TEST LABS be provisioned only in Azure DEV/TEST Subscription?

Reason: AU Central does not have currently the Azure DEV/TEST Labs service.

Ref Link:


However, on the other hand we are planning to have the Azure DEV/TEST Subscription to be provisioned in AU Central.

Thus wondering for what other services can be run under that subscription.



no you can use Azure Dev/Test Labs in booth subscriptions.
The Dev/Test subscription doesn’t change the service availability, so if the Datacenter doesn’t support Dev/Test Lab you have to choose another one for that service ‚AU East‘

With the Dev/Test subscription you have some benefits: