BizSpark + "Your subscription will be disabled soon for non-payment"

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I get an "Your subscription will be disabled soon for non-payment" emails for "Visual Studio Dev Essentials" (Subscription ID: 39c80b24-e580-4f0f-9663-ee9cbd9046b6)

Despite the fact that I am eligible for a Visual Studio license through the BizSpark member I am a part of.


Any help would be highly appreciated

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Azure billing support is free, i would suggest you create a ticket with them.

If they are unable to help, im sure there is a Bizspark support option to ask why.

It appears billing support is no longer free. Or, anyway, I was only able to get canned bot answers to canned problems that are not what I am facing now. So I purchased the Dev support option, but still can't figure out how to create a ticket for a real person to look at. Supposedly there email support, but darned if I can find it. Help!?