Best practices to be followed for Azure Resource Deployment

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I need a advice or recommendation to build deployment strategy in my organization as we are stepping in to Office 365 and Azure. Find few details about the environment we have today.


1. SharePoint 2010 farms with shared farm topology (e.g,. Content Farm, Search Farm, MMD Farm)

2. Office 365 with single sign on, and started using services like Groups, Teams, Office, Yammer...


After introducing Office 365 our users have created many Office 365 groups. Some of the group owner left the organization and the group became orphaned group.  We decided to setup a job(PowerShell using Function App) in azure to list all orphaned groups once in a day. 


We are ready with the script now, wanted to configure it on Azure. Now the question if which user credential/ account to be used to configure the Function App in azure?


If I used my development computer then the resource in Azure configured using my account including connection like SharePoint. 

If I wanted to use system account then I will have to login to development computer to meet single sign on when creating API connection.


How to resolve this issue are there any scenario based best practices available?



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