Azure Web App vs IIS Web Deploy

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I am currently testing Azure Web Apps for my company. I have migrated a few PHP websites successfully. Now I am trying to test migrating a .net website.

Our typical deployment to IIS consists of using Web Deploy. We copy the Zip file to the server, right click the site and click "Deploy" Then "Import Application" then just click next a few times and restart the App Pool.

When I attempt to use Kudu to deploy by uploading the zip, but instead of getting the correct file structure, it basically just unzips the zip file in the folder in the wrong structure and that is it.

The results looks like this (d:\home\site\wwwroot):

  • Content (folder)
  • archive.xml
  • parameters.xml
  • systemInfo.xml

I appear to be missing something in the deployment process. How can I deploy this to a Web App without my developer having to change his process?

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Just a quick thought. Inside the zip file you are using, do you have a folder first?

So, Zip---> Folder--->content