Azure VM price tool. I've tired of clicking through azure pages and created a simple site.

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Just spend a few weekends and created that fully automated tool that should help:

  • choose right VM size, comparing pricing and specs on one page with filters, searching and etc.
  • I`ve implemented a thing that shows you the cheapest region with that VM and % of the price difference. Sometimes it's very boring to click through all-region variants on Azure calculator
  • During development, I`ve found an interesting thing about Azure internal exchange currency. AWS is using exchange rate on a billing date but Azure have a static exchange rate that updated not quite often. Sometimes it's an advantage because you can plan your budget and will not have surprised if official exchange rate will be changed but sometimes it's not because official rates can be less than the Azure ones. I think that can be a way to get a small discount if you will choose the right currency and country during creating the account:)




 The tool based on Azure Web Sites and DocumentDB in the back-end. All data collecting once per day using Azure Functions through Azure API management and putting everything to Document DB. 


DocumentDB Findings

Hope DocumentDB product team will change pricing model because right now I need manually/scripting UP scale RU/s before bulk inserting and after that scale down it to 400 RU/s. I think PaaS service should do that automatically or just bill me for additional RU/s but right now I need to do that with scripting and pay for 10k RU/s for one hour per day where I need only 2-3 minutes with so much RU/s. 

Also, it will be wonderful if DocumentDb will have a normal bulk inserting API because "recommended" way using stored procedure feels that a "dog-nail" method with try-again from where it was failed last time.


If you guys have suggestions or feature request feel free to leave a comment here and I will try to implement it. 




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