Azure SQL Database - Allocated Space not expanding

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I have the following DB which the Allocated Space is the same as the Used Space.  Why is the Allocated Space not growing??  Today our website which the DB is for started to get SQL errors when saving content, so I am presuming this is the reason as there is no more room in the DB.  Can anyone help, please?





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Any chance you could include the SQL errors your are getting? Since you are on the lowest tier of SQL database I am wondering if you are hitting performance thresholds versus the limitation on space. It could definitely aid to pinpointing the problem.


If you do feel that it is still related to space you can see the following link. You will see the SQL query's to query your particular database to get a real-time report on space used, space allocated, and max size.


Resource limits -


If you attach or include the logs I would be happy to take a look!

@Tanya Denton 

@Bryan Haslip I am so sorry for the delay in responding, had a few weeks leave!  The issue seems to have resolved itself as all is showing correctly now - we must have had a blip!  Thanks so much for responding to my issue.

No worries at all! Glad to hear it is resolved. @Tanya Denton 

Hello @Tanya Denton,
Can you please help us?
We are facing the same issue. (Allocated Space is not growing)

@Coeffyteam To be honest i did not do anything.  When i came back from leave it had sorted itself out.  Sorry can't give you any more info on this.

I am also facing the same issue and as I read from above, it seems like someone from other planet entered into Azure data center and resolved it.