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I am trying to get a handle on the reporting side of Azure as far as getting cost info.

HOw can I get a list of what my VMS care costing me monthly?


IF a vm spikes CPU that generates an additional cost.  Id like to see that somewhere.

I was told there is a way of getting this info but was not told where.


THe EA site is nice to a degree but from what I gather if I pick a month say DEC 2019 I am shown a list of items that add up to the cost but there is no way to tie those items back to the VM that generated it.


Example I have 5 VM that are D class servers, on the Ea site under usage  it lists 3 d class servers with costs next to each one and the costs all vary.  However there is no way to tie that particular disk listed back to the VM it belongs to.  


If there is a tool out there that does this please let me know or if this info can in fact be pulled from Azure please point me in the right direction.  Id appreciate any assistance.


Sorry if this is not the proper place for this but Im at trying to figure this out so I can start producing monthly reports for my CIO.  

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@Christian Taveras, the best way to analyze your costs is Azure Cost Management. With Cost Analysis powerful filtering capabilities and performance, I believe you will be able to answer your questions about Azure costs.


By the way, a spike in CPU usage does not generate additional cost. You pay for the capacity of the VM, no matter if you are using 0% or 100% CPU.