Azure Media Services announces support for AAD and deprecation of ACS authentication

Community Manager

This month we are announcing the release of support for Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication in Azure Media Services. Customers of our REST API and .NET client libraries can now use AAD authentication to authorize requests. In addition, we are releasing a new management blade in the Azure Portal to simplify the usage of User and Service Principal authentication with AAD.


With the release of this update to our REST API, we are now able to provide the same role-based access management (RBAC) as provided by the Azure Resource Management (ARM) service. By moving to AAD authentication you will also now be able to track and audit all changes made by specific users or an application connected to your Media Services account. The new Azure Media REST API requires that the user or application making REST API requests must have either contributor or owner level access to the resources it is attempting to manage. More details on how role-based access control works for Azure resources is available at Azure Role-based Access Control.




Read about it on the Azure blog.

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